Fantage, tomatoes, how much better can it get?!


We are having our second contest, our first contest didn’t work out so well. I hope this one will! It’s a very simple and easy thing to do. This is how to play. Try to get as many viewers for this blog as possib

email us the usernames of the people you invited and we give you a point, only if those people come. The person with the most points win! Make sure you give us the right usernames. Simple right? It will help us advertise.


~Please don’t lie.

~ Email us usernames of the people you invited ( You only get the point if the person comes)

~Our email is

~Have fun!

~The due date is May 11th.


You can pick one,

1. Be a mod for a week on our chat box


2.Be the Tomato of the week

The decision is yours.

Please participate we would appreciate it. Thank you!


le. Go on other chat boxes, if your aloud. Invite your friends or post a post on your blog, anything to get those viewers. Then you


I am back

Hi everyone. I know I took a break and I am sorry that it was for a while but I am here now. When I get a laptop  I will be on much more. I think we should do something for everyone. Comment below what we should do. If I am not on this blog as much email me at and ask me to keep up. Thank you for viewing our blog!

First Contest?

Yup, you read right, Fantage Tomatoes is having its FIRST CONTEST!

I know not many people are going to be entering, but it’s worth a shot!

Here’s what you have to do!

It’s really simple, all you have to do is find OR make a background that has something to do with Fantage Tomatoes!

You can find it on Google or make on yourself!

Super simple!

Deadline is April 10th!

You have 10 days, pretty fair, right?

Prize is: You get your blog on the side of our blog for a whole month!

If you have ANY questions, email us at

Thanks guys, love you all!


Eat more tomatoes!

Hi Guys!

I’m trying to get in touch with Kerry so we can keep this blog going, so stay tuned! Please help us by advertising, we would appreciate it a ton! Thanks so much for the viewers and followers who stayed with us no matter how long we’ve been gone! Thanks again, love you all!


Eat more tomatoes!

5 days!

It’s been 5 days, and we haven’t posted! I promised myself I’d keep this blog going for more than a year and I will keep that promise! Help us by advertising and if we get daily viewers, we will do contests, like drawing contests and all that stuff! So help us out guys, we want this blog to be the best it could be. And we didn’t reach our goal, but we can keep trying, right?


Eat more tomatoes!



Hey guys this blog has gone downhill in the last couple of weeks and we really don’t want that to happen so we would like your help. Could you please advertise this blog because as soon as we get daily viewers we can do contests with good prizes so please help us!

~Kerry 1004


Hey guys I know I haven’t been working on the blog much and I apologize I am very busy. I am back and ready to work. I am thinking about making a contact page but I just have to run it by Miley first. If you have any questions to ask me or Miley you can contact us at and just mention who you would like to talk to.


When life gives you tomatoes, you come to this blog.